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Approx 5-7 days in the UK. Can take a few weeks outside of the UK.

It is used to play files (games and apps) from a MicroSD card through an audio cable into where the tape deck would normally plugin thus eliminating the need for a 30-year-old tape deck. Its a play-only function so no record feature. You can still record using conventional methods though. Simply find your favourite game or app in CAQ  file format, convert them to tzx in bulk using caq2wav2tzx copy it to the sd card and the rest is straightforward. Make sure you can run this software on a windows computer before purchasing. It was designed for Mattel Aquarius computers. Its based on Maxduino firmware. 

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If you opt for a USB cable but you will need a power source for the USB or purchase one from this store. Any will do since it doesn’t require a great deal of power to run.  When purchasing a microSD card do not get a cheap or a super-fast one like a class 10 card. Look for a class 4, 6, or 8.  You will need a data cassette cable. If you don't want to buy one of our USB cables it requires a MINI-A USB power source.

Please note that firmware also supports other file formats and can be used with other computers like ZX spectrum. The firmware is setup more suited for this specific computer. To save memory not all file types are added. If you want to know more send us a message. 

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