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Mattel Aquarius MX - USB/AY Sound/Joystick ports


Add a wonderful all-in-one device to enhance your Mattel Aquarius. It lets you load ROMs/Games from a USB while enabling AY Sound and 2 x Joystick ports. Comes with a USB-ready version of MS Basic so you can even save stuff to the USB disk. Also included is a 32GB USB disk full have games and apps. 



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Originally developed by an opensource community found here > https://github.com/1stage/Aquarius-MX

I've adapted the tape files (caq) to allow loading from USB instead of tape. Browse the caq folder and use the command run"game_BAS.BAS" 

Nice video showing how to use the USB function HERE

Please note I designed my own case to make it easier to print. 

Computer not included.

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