TZXduino/CASduino/Maxduino kit

Approx 5-7 days in the UK. Can take a few weeks outside of the UK.
  • Working TZXDuino - CASduio - MAXduino
  • Build it yourself
  • Very simple to build. 
  • TZXDuino can play TZX/TAP/UEF/CAS files

  • You must be experienced with soldering before building this kit. I will not accept returns on parts once you've soldered them
  • You must be experienced with programming Arduino boards or use TZX tools
  • Please Please make sure you do your homework about TZXduino first . This is not my software. If you need advice just ask.

When purchasing a microSD card do not get a cheap or a super-fast one like a class 10 card. Look for a class 4, 6, or 8.

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TZduino Kit Manual

Download (554.96k)