Digital Joypad adapter for Sharp MZ700 (improved)

Approx 5-7 days in the UK. Can take a few weeks outside of the UK.

New: improved the circuit so it is now compatible with the ST-2 Game too. 

I've developed an adapter to allow Atari/Sega type controllers to work on a Sharp Mz700.  It requires a joystick or joypad with 2 independent fire buttons on pins 6 & 9. The Sega Genesis or MegaDrive joypads listed and have been tested with numerous games. 

No need to modify the game binaries as I'm aware another solution on the market requires you to do this. Mine just works

Wanna see it in action click HERE

In around a month's time, I will be also offering my own joypad designed for this unit. 

1 = up, 2 = down, 3 = left, 4 = right, 5 = nc, 6 = left fire, 7 = nc, 8 = ground, 9 = right fire. 

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Use a joypad or atari type joystick on a SharpMZ700

Games Test:

  • Caterpillar(basic)
  • COMMANDO PLAIN(basic) < works better with YMR version
  • Space Panic
  • Star Avenger
  • Beyond
  • Base Zero
  • Cosmic Scramble
  • Vicious Viper YMR Joystick version
  • Ace Racer
  • Bricky YMR Digital Joystick version
  • Aliens YMR Joystick version

To download the full list of tested games, Click HERE

WARNING: make sure the plug is connected in the right place, and do not bend the pins. Insert it slowly and make sure it's aligned. We will not be held liable for damage to your computer while using any devices sold from this website. 

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